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“we’re a diamond from the vast heap of useless coal”


Social justice advocate, brand ambassador, and role model


SPECIALIST IN WOMEN and kids’ ADVOCACY for violence and domestic abuse Awareness & prevention



Relations should be Beneficial as opposed to superficial (scratch the surface & see what’s really there!!!)

dogoodGLOWbal PR focusing on Ethics & Human Rights (typo intended) dogood



Who are we?  We offer Public Relations and Branding services to fashion Designers and non-profit organizations. And other Worthy organizations.

The Founder’s top characteristics are honesty, the ability to relate to people at all levels and an outgoing personality.  She was Selected to be a Ms. Manhattan finalist (she did Not apply but was Recruited), and Featured on AMC’s WE network “America’s It Girl.”  Ms. Landrith has worked as a legislative correspondent for the world’s largest international PR firm (Burson-Marsteller).  She has used her influence and connections to help others, strengthen Integrity and Ethics in her community, and Advocate for women and children.


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Professional Work

The Founder has done over 50 Fashion shows and modeled for 100’s of photographers since 2009.  Her Modeling work has been recognized in various media outlets and she has used these offers to Further Causes and help the community-at-large tackling tough social justice issues others approach superficially at best — to this end, the founder has also been asked to Speak at events for non-profits, Represent businesses at events, and to Host – not just model in – Haute Couture runway shows.  Our team is Comprised of Professionals that work in the causes most people and organizations superficially (at best) approach, and are too often part of the problem – Not the solution. We attack Social Justice from a more creative REAL approach and take TRUE concern – not a cookie cutter approach – unlike most organizations who approach it from a way that is Artificial and not Meaningful – but rather to make money or make themselves ‘appear’ good. We are humanists in the true Sense of the word and strive to use creative ways to attack Fraud, Abuse and Corruption; and Anything that serves to Pervert a Healthy Productive society.


Is your organization “drained and demoralized” – sounds like poor leadership.

Human Rights and Ethics should ALWAYS come before money and reputation. See how the below organization “prioritized” money and reputation. This happens ALL the time!  Crazy, right!?!  We’re Extremely Rare and very, very different than most PR firms because while everyone thinks it’s Simply about appearance and reputation – We know what REALLY matters.  So if your priorities are upside down we wouldn’t be a good match.





Avoid Predators

If you’re a business that needs to ask the Wizard of Oz for a Brain, a Heart, and or Courage … don’t bother!  We’re Not Liars. (The 9th Commandment states Not to Bear False Witness.)  If you’re a piece of poop we’re not going to make you look like shoe Polish. We know the difference between sh-t and shinola. But if you’re a Legitimate business or brand adding Value to the World – we’ll Raise Awareness of your brand in your community and Abroad, Raise funds for your cause, and Save you time. Among other things. To re-phrase what a former President said – We have Midwestern Values with the Efficiency of the Northeast.  (As you know, a former United States President once compared D.C. to having, “Southern efficiency and Northern charm.”)  We don’t paint a false picture – we just expand goodness. So we’re not your typical sleazy PR company, that will compromise Ethics at the Expense of making money.  We build Trust with your consumers. Standards are standards, and like Einstein said – not everything that has value can be counted, and not everything that can be counted has Value. We know what TRULY matters.

Your Employees are Your Brand; you can’t just articulate it – YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, or your message isn’t Authentic. You can’t just leave Brand to the Marketing department – YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE YOUR BRAND.









We TV  (Women’s Entertainment)

New York Fashion Week Spring 2019

“Your Health” Magazine


Geometria TV

“WE RULE” NYC –  (Women Entrepreneurs, New York Edition)

Featured ‘Special Guest’ and mentor for Fundraiser to Restore and Protect Gulf Coast (invited by Fashion blogger) – 2017

The Fashion Model Directory (FMD)

European Newspaper – November 2017 – “LATVIJA AMERIKA”

Center for Thought and Culture, East Village Historic downtown New York City – Manhattan 2017-2018

New Britain Herald

Worldcast Inc.

Zay Zay TV


Fashion Icon Magazine – NY Fashion Week

Bella NYC Magazine

Modern Model Magazine – 5 pg. Feature and listed on Cover (2015)

Uomo Moderno Magazine

RAINE Magazine

LIB Magazine


The Fashion Industry Network

The What TV Show – Brooklyn

Femmegems Jewelry Catalogue – 2013-2016

And many many more …….

Founder Awarded Official Title “Ms. Lady Liberty” by former Ms. New York and Mrs. New York for Humanitarian Work.


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“Rebecca is a versatile model and can easily go from glamour, commercial, to lifestyle. One of very few models I’ve seen who can work just as professional in front of the camera as she does with the business aspect of the industry. She is a top notch professional through and through.”  Victoria Stiles, Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist

“Rebecca Landrith is not just another beautiful Model she is very good at Managing things and gets easily connected to people. My impression of Rebecca has always been that of a very responsible and ethical professional, with a great sense of fairness. Rebecca is a very positive person. Hard working, sincere, and has a great sense of humor. What an awesome person!”  Terrance Shaw, CEO – VIP Fashion

“Corruption is Legal in America
The stuff you learned about government as a kid is completely wrong.

“I believe that Satan has tried to discourage and even kill you, as well, which must mean that God has a good plan for you–otherwise the enemy would not be working so hard to try you [sic] destroy you.”  Jessica Rogers, mother of 3, Princeton, New Jersey


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